Dr. Hales's guidelines for recommendation requests

Step 1

Please make your request at least three weeks in advance of the recommendation due date.

Step 2

If it has been a long time since you were in my class, please arrange to chat with me to update me on your activities and goals.

Step 3

At least two weeks before the due date, send me the following information.

  • Specific due date(s) and other information on each job, fellowship, or program to which you are applying, including links.
  • Email address or URL for submission of electronic recommendation, if applicable.
  • Essays or personal statements (drafts are fine) that will accompany your application.
  • The names and dates of the course(s) you took with me, your course grade(s), and topics of your papers/reports/presentations. What aspect(s) of your performance would you like highlighted?
  • A current resume/CV (as an attachment) and any additional information on courses and extracurricular activities.